breadou bread roll wrist rest

Breadou Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest

Can you already smell the freshly baked bread rolls? Is your mouth starting to water? Unfortunately, these soft, fragrant and cute pastries are NOT for your palate, but are great stress relievers for your wrist and joints while you work at the computer.

breadou donut mouse wrist rest

Made from NASA-developed memory foam, each Breadou wrist rest is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable support for the wrist. The smaller wrist rest also makes a great hand squeeze stress reliever. Not only do these baguettes, donuts and pastries look like the real thing, they smell like them too!

breadou loaf keyboard wrist rest

Breadou is available in a variety of cute designs. Choose between 6 emoticon buns, 6 colorful donuts or 4 baguettes.