polar bear ice tray

Brrrrr Polar Bear Ice Tray

Imagine opening your freezer to find a cute bear in there? Brrrrr is an ice cube tray designed to look like a polar bear. This is another fun design by black + blum.

Okay, but eye-candy aside, how does this ice tray really work?

Now, when you fill the bear with water, there is a tiny hole that will let out water when the maximum fill line is reached. In other words, you’re only filling water on the “many feet” of the bear, and not the entire container.

And what’s cool about this design is, you can easily dislodge the ice cubes from the tray by turning the polar bear upside down and giving it a good whack, and then pour the ice cubes out into a cup. The ice cubes will also stay odor-free, while they chill in the sealed cavity of the bear. A pretty neat idea!

brrrrr ice tray

brrrrr ice tray