Category: "Packaging"

teapee tea packaging
3 weeks ago

Teapee is a fun and interesting tea packaging concept by Canadian design student Sophie P├ępin. It is inspired by the …

yeong keun jeong flavored portable butter packaging design
1 year ago

Thumbs (and toes) up to designer Yeong Keun Jeong for the absolutely rad concept and packaging design of Butter! Better! …

sweet time tea packaging
2 years ago

I recently came across Sweet Time, a student’s concept work for tea packaging. A mini tea box opens up to …

origami inspired tea packaging
3 years ago

T is a lovely tea packaging concept by student Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle, that is inspired by the art of …

the real cookbook by korefe
3 years ago

The Real Cookbook is an edible lasagne cookbook designed by German design studio Korefe, as a special project for a …

antidote chocolate packaging
3 years ago

Antidote Chocolate is a beautifully packaged chocolate, sustainably made with a unique blend of raw and roasted cocoa, and packed …

common good glass bottles
3 years ago

These clear glass bottles are exactly what I’ve been looking for! They are part of a green line created by …

rochdale cider packaging
3 years ago

This fun retro packaging for Rochdale Cider was designed by Supply, a creative design company based in New Zealand. The …

tea bag packaging
3 years ago

Tea bags with post-colonial iconic symbols and typography – an academic design project by Samantha Perkins. {via}

renouve by swiss cosmolab
3 years ago

I love the pretty packaging of Renouve, an anti-aging hand sanitizing lotion by Swiss CosmoLab. {via}