cb i hate perfume

I Hate Perfume

Yes, I dislike perfume, especially overpowering perfume not worn by me. However, CB I Hate Perfume really catches my eye and perhaps my nose too. I’m drawn by the simple clear bottle packaging, and the unique variety of scents.

According to CB, who designs all the perfumes himself, each unique fragrance is carefully formulated, blended and bottled by hand using the traditional method. Plus, alcohol is not used in these oil and water base perfume.

Okay, I’m changing my mind about perfume afterall. Fancy smelling like fresh vegetables and herbs, old library books, and ancient forest. How exotic! Of course, there are also the usual tea, lavender, rose, ocean and floral scent for the less adventurous.

Now CB, how about formulating a freshly baked bread scent? I’d definitely go for that! {via simplesong}

Sniff out more scent here: cb i hate perfume