etsy favorites - hearts collection

More Hearts Please

I know we’re not exactly approaching February yet, but these hearts just make my heart flutter. Hearts are definitely something I believe we can have lots of, on a daily basis … Here are some of my favorite heart-shaped craft and design from Etsy.

1. set of 3 crochet hearts by sabahnur, 2. pimpinella by birribe, 3. heart copper enamel necklace by steinvika, 4. two hearts as one ring by sparklethots, 5. heart earrings by claychic, 6. set of 4 heart coasters by charspirit, 7. blue striped hanging heart by octavi, 8. fabric heart brooch by maison magpie, 9. hearts engraved pebble pendant by sjengraving 10. chunky heart crayons by lilbooandco, 11. porcelain key to my heart by artmind, 12. rowena by birribe, 13. sterling heart pendant by signetureline, 14. peace in your heart necklace by laurel peters, 15. lovebird bowl by princedesignuk, 16. printable mini banner by pretty messes.