nikon d700 cake

Nikon DSLR Cake

Isn’t this camera cake adorable? Flickr user fsumaria was presented with this beautifully-crafted Nikon D700 DSLR cake for her birthday. Well, she was also given the real thing by her husband. And as she had clarified, he didn’t bake the cake. It was made from a bakery in Pennsylvania.

nikon dslr d700 cake

Being a Nikon fan, I’d very much loved to be in her shoes. The cute camera dessert was a red velvet cake coated with black fondant. I love how the red contrasted beautifully with the black exterior coat. Now, if the cake had been dark chocolate sponge on the inside, I don’t think it would have made for such a gorgeous shot. Don’t you think?

{via TasteSpotting}