recycled envelopes notebook

Recyclelope Notebook

Recyclelope Notes are eco notebooks made of used envelopes, and bound together with a pretty suede spine. Handmade and created by Wotadot.

erin fetherston fall winter 2008

Erin Fetherson FW08/09

I’m seeing dramatic color palettes with lots of shimmer and shine in Erin Fetherston’s fall/winter 08/09 ready to wear collection. I’m especially fond of the sweet head pieces on the models …

sea stone vase by mitsuru koga

Sea Stone Vases

You’ve got to love these tiny and charming stone vases by Mitsuru Koga. Imagine the difficulty in working with a small and slippery stone, let alone making intricate carvings on it. Absolutely beautiful!

sharon montrose photography

Sharon Montrose

I wouldn’t have thought of a vulture as being graceful, but Sharon Montrose brings out the elegance of a vulture in this photographic print. I have to say I’m rather drawn to its beauty! Simply …

a pretty kit of color

A Color Palette Of Favors

I just can’t get enough of the color coded goodies box by Lobster and Swan. Each pretty kit is filled with unique items, great for craft projects and inspiration boards.

zipper purse made by hank

Zipper Purse

Two lovely zipper purses by madebyhank that I’m adding to my wish list. Love the sewn drawing of the rabbit named ramona, and the ruffled texture on the lavender purse.

trove wallpaper

Trove Modern Wallpaper

Trove’s unique photographic wallpapers will definitely change your mind about wallpapers, especially if you’re one who still associate wallpapers with grandmother’s home. Founded by Randall Buck and Jee Levin, Trove creates wallpapers that are modern …

carton land

Carton Land Collage

A cute 3D mixed-media collage – cartonlandia – by ana serrano. Look at the interesting details! It inspires me to want to keep all those used milk cartons for an art project.

upgrade by tomas kral

Upgrade By Tomas Kral

A cool project by Tomas Kral to upgrade used milk bottles, glass jars and bottles, using traditional decorative techniques. I love the beautiful patterns and the gold foiling on the bottles. {via}

wooden jackalope head

A Twist On The Deer Head

A unique laser cut jackalope head from Finnish birch, crafted by trees with knees.

dog-shaped magazine rack

Adorable Magazine Rack

Pack of Dogs designed by NEL colectivo, is a wooden magazine and book organizer that takes the form of a cute newspaper dog. I’m especially fond of the white one which looks like it is …

hand embroidered rabbit purse

Coin Purse

A cute hand-embroidered rabbit coin purse with pretty gingham lining on the inside. Handmade in limited edition by emedemarta.