ork design san francisco poster

Ork City Neighborhood Posters

The City Neighborhood posters by Ork Design are right up my alley! I love the gorgeous typography and the great use of color. Here’s one of San Francisco. It certainly inspires me to do a similar map of the now-defunct street and neighborhood where I grew up.

porcelain crushed soda can

Crushed Soda Can

Unique porcelain crushed soda cans by artist Xue Lei, which was presented at Martina Detterer in November 07. I’m loving the East meets West concept as well as the realistic crushed form of the soda can with its pull tab detail..

tokyo salon muse bags

Muse Bags

Bags with color samples of hair extensions as handles – designed by Ryoko Nagamatsu. Oh what fun!

bodum chocolate jug

Bodum Chocolate Jug

I don’t particularly like store bought chocolate milk. I prefer to make my own chocolate milk so I can decide on the right amount of cocoa powder and my choice of sweetener and milk. Bodum chocolate jug is all I need to blend the homemade chocolate milk smoothly without any spills. I’m also loving its traditional milk jug shape.

amy atlas events

Sweet Delights

How can anyone not smile at the unique dessert tables put together by sought-after NYC event planner Amy Atlas? What a sweet treat!

susan bijl shopping bags

Susan Bijl Bags

I came across Susan Bijl’s bag not too long ago and really like it. The reusable shopping bag design is fashioned after the conventional plastic bag, except that it’s made of coated nylon and is available in over 50 stylish colors. The nylon material not only makes the bag durable, but also weather proofs it. It was a big hit in Japan when these bags were first launched.