monochrome dog pillow cover

Monochrome Pillow Covers

Here’s a lovely collection of monochrome geometric and animal series pillow covers by Love Joy Create in Turkey. Each pillow cover is handmade from start to finish, with digitally printed designs and patterns. I’m smitten …

rok paperweight by desinere

Rok Concrete Paperweight

Rok is an origami-inspired paperweight with beautiful textures and an elegant form. Created by Singapore designer, Melvin Ong of Desinere studio, Rok is entirely handmade in raw concrete, a material not commonly associated with visual …

rand papele jewelry

Rand Papele Jewelry

Rand Papele is a line of simple but elegant jewelry created by Jude Rand and Eben Papele in upstate New York. Designed for everyday wear, the influences of Rand Papele’s jewelry come from Japanese and …

studio snowpuppe paper lamps

Studio Snowpuppe Lamps

Modern origami-inspired paper lamps by Studio Snowpuppe, an independent design studio founded by Nellianna and Kenneth in Den Haag, the Netherlands.Each lampshade is made and folded by hand from a single piece of durable FSC …

tiny book by evan lorenzen

Tiny Book: Life’s Lil Pleasures

This tiny book of Life’s Lil Pleasures makes me smile! A recent creation of Evan Lorenzen, a Denver, Colorado based illustrator who has been exploring the realm of micro handmade books, it measures less than …

artful eggs by dietlind wolf

The Beauty Of The Egg

Not your usual rendition of easter eggs, but brilliant masterpieces of art! Artful Easter Eggs by Dietlind Wolf for the spring issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. Even the cracks on the eggs do not matter …

handmade wooden toys

Des Enfantillages Wooden Toys

Des Enfantillages is a collection of handmade toys designed by Geneviève Lugaz and Christian Laforge in Montreal, who believe in creating quality and unique playthings that encourage creativity. Inspired by the word “enfantillages” which is …

zamizari by zeup

Zamizari Magnets

Add color and delight to your home with Zamizari, a set of modern chic magnets created by Zeup Design Studio in Korea. Each lightweight piece is designed to look like a fluttering dragonfly. Zamizari will …

jillmakes jewelry and accessories

Bright & Bold Accessories By JillMakes

Jill Makes the brightest jewelry and accessories that will cheer you up on your gloomiest day! Jill Foreman incorporates her love of colors and patterns into her unique handmade pieces, which include necklaces, bracelets, bangles, …

london landmarks by studio esinam

Studio Esinam: Architectural City Prints

Studio Esinam, founded by art director Josefine Lilljegren and architect Sebastian Gokah, creates monochrome prints that feature elevations of iconic structures from different cities. In this modern print series, the essence of cities around the …

brunch macarons by sugar & cloth

Brunch Macarons

You can’t go wrong with these adorable brunch macarons to jumpstart your Sunday, or any other day. A sweet creation by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth. Can you spot the waffles, grilled ham and eggs? Check out her blog for the instructions to create these cute “breakfast” macarons.

Photo: Jared Smith

a-gusto project

A Gusto Food Art

“A Gusto” is an interdisciplinary food art project by three creative professionals in Bueno Aires, Argentina, combining the fields of typography, food styling and fileteado (an artistic drawing typically used in Bueno Aires). The food …