bhalo fair trade fashion

Bhalo Shop

Beautiful handmade clothing and accessories from Bhalo, a fair trade fashion label that helps the disadvantaged women in rural Bangladesh to provide for themselves. Some of my favorite pieces include the hand-woven cotton top, screen-printed …

packaging design by holly canham

Louche Absinth

Love this bottle design by Holly Canham in Australia, which is inspired by the bohemian culture in Paris. The bottle is colored milky beige and has a characteristic watercolor spot in front.

theurel and thomas branding and interior

Theurel & Thomas

Love Anagrama’s branding and interior design of Theurel & Thomas, a p√Ętisserie in Mexico which specializes in French macarons. Both packaging details and store decor are kept predominantly white, to compliment the bright and colorful …

aesa jewelry

Aesa Jewelry

Aesa is a unique jewelry label by Randi Mates in Brooklyn, NY. It features a gorgeous mix of stones and metals, and is inspired by ancient greek mythology. Shown here are pieces from the machine …

diy cupcake wrapper

DIY Cupcake Wrappers

It has never occurred to me how simple it is to create your own cupcake wrappers, until the discovery of this cupcake wrapper project by Judy. {via}

cursive design summer 2010 collection

Cursive Design Summer 2010

Lovely necklaces and jewelry from Cursive Design summer 2010 collection, which features a unique mix of textures, colors and shapes.

light locations - oxfordshire barn

Rustic White Interior

I want to live in this farmhouse, another gorgeous Light Locations house. It has plenty of large windows that let in the natural light. Love the simple rustic styling too. More pictures here.

volcanoes by emogayu

Volcanoes By Emogayu

Volcanoes is a series of limited edition ceramics by Japanese artist Emogayu, that are inspired by the flowing energy of lava. Each handcrafted piece may be used as a vase or votive holder.

ditte isager photography

Ditte Isager

I love the simple nordic style of NYC-based Danish photographer Ditte Isager. Shown here are surreal images for Bloomingdales’ bedding, with beautiful contrasting light and textures. More behind-the-scenes pictures here. Happy 4th of July to …

pip-squeak chapeau collection

Pip-Squeak Chapeau

Since the discovery of this Brooklyn-based shop, I haven’t stopped loving the clean lines and simplicity of Pip-Squeak Chapeau’s natural fabric collection. The simple styling further brings out the etherealness of each handmade piece.

bonne nuit lamps by sarah foote

Bonne Nuit Lamps

Beautiful pendant Bonne Nuit lamps handmade from wood veneer by Sarah Foote. Love the delicate textures!

l.grainne photography

Smell The Roses

A beautiful snapshot of roses at a flower market in Nice, France, captured by L. Grainne. It’s often pictures like this that reminds me of the simple beauty of nature… Love the gorgeous shade of …