london landmarks by studio esinam

Studio Esinam: Architectural City Prints

Studio Esinam, founded by art director Josefine Lilljegren and architect Sebastian Gokah, creates monochrome prints that feature elevations of iconic structures from different cities. In this modern print series, the essence of cities around the …

brunch macarons by sugar & cloth

Brunch Macarons

You can’t go wrong with these adorable brunch macarons to jumpstart your Sunday, or any other day. A sweet creation by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth. Can you spot the waffles, grilled ham and eggs? Check out her blog for the instructions to create these cute “breakfast” macarons.

Photo: Jared Smith

a-gusto project

A Gusto Food Art

“A Gusto” is an interdisciplinary food art project by three creative professionals in Bueno Aires, Argentina, combining the fields of typography, food styling and fileteado (an artistic drawing typically used in Bueno Aires). The food …

zoo portraits wall decal

Zoo Portraits Wall Decal

Funny wall decals from Blik featuring six animals from Zoo Portraits. In this photographic series created by Barcelona photographer Yago Partal, animals are dressed up like humans in cool fashionable attires that express its individual …

carved wooden tray

Carved By Kutarq Studio

Carved is a set of wooden trays by Kutraq Studio, that is handcrafted in collaboration with a wood turner workshop in Spain using traditional tools and techniques. Handmade from either solid beech or tilia, the …

night market collection by latitude 22n

Latitude 22N For The Night Market

Street food inspired dinnerware by Hong Kong based design studio Latitude 22N for The Night Market, a Taiwanese restaurant in Hong Kong. The porcelain collection, consisting of bowls, plates, Chinese spoons, condiment dishes, and bento …

alison foshee artwork

Botanica Staples Art

Portland-based Alison Foshee’s artwork inspires me to no end! I’m especially drawn to the botanical ones which are created using office staples. I’m amazed at how Alison is able to transform simple everyday objects, such …

foodie dice

Foodie Dice

Stuck for new menu ideas? Give these Foodie Dice a try! Simply roll the set of 9 dice and see which of the mind-boggling 186,000 ingredient combinations you’re going to have for dinner tonight! Created …

if bags' bearded rope packaging

Bearded Rope Packaging For IF Bags

IF Bags’ designer Isabella De Felice collaborates with artist Annachiara Barindelli to create a unique packaging for IF rope, which is an essential feature of the IF backpack. The fun cardboard box features a beard-shaped …

marshmallow twig pencil by ototo

Marshmallow On Twig Pencil

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! A candy pink marshmallow-shaped eraser on top of a twig pencil. A delightful pencil design by Elinor Portnoy for Ototo. So sweet, you may be tempted to take …

mini painting by lorraine loots

Lorraine Loots’ Miniature Painting

Lorraine Loots’ amazing mini masterpieces take my breath away! An artist from Cape Town, South Africa, she has been doing a miniature painting a day since January 1, 2013, and has completed two full years …

wood sheet note pad

Kizara Wood Sheet Memo

Kizara Wood Memo is a unique handcrafted memo pad from Japan, where the note sheets are individually shaved from a single block of wood. Originally used for wrapping food, these wood sheets are now commonly …