wooden puzzle coasters

Puzzle Footprints Coasters

The shape of a puzzle excites me, hence my love for the puzzle cookie cutters. Obviously, I can’t help loving this set of puzzle coasters from Finland. Each birch coaster features footprints from a particular …

fabric brooches from friedamaria shop

FriedaMaria Shop

The Dutch styling duo of Frieda Maria, whose work I really admired, had recently started an online shop. It offers unique products made in limited quantity in the style of Frieda Maria. From fashion, accessories …

japanese washi tape, masking tape and stationery from prettytape

Pastel & Prints

Loving these wooden black pencil set, blue-green grid tape, and other crafting supplies for your everyday use. See more here.

illustration by esther aart

Bendover Backwards?

This awesome illustration by Netherlands-based artist Esther Aart makes me laugh! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I have a bad back!

etsy favorites - hearts collection

More Hearts Please

I know we’re not exactly approaching February yet, but these hearts just make my heart flutter. Hearts are definitely something I believe we can have lots of, on a daily basis … Here are some …

dent bud vase by pigeon toe ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Loving the dent bud vase, herb plant stakes and other handmade Scandinavian aesthetics inspired vessels from Portland-based Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

petar pavlov graphic design

Visualizing Anger

An interesting project by graphic designer Petar Pavlov in visualizing anger with balloons and a needle. Read more about it here. … I wonder what balloon size my head belongs to …

adhesif clothing

Adhesif Clothing

I was contacted yesterday by Vancouver, BC clothing company Adhesif. I really like the green and sustainable concept behind their one-of-a-kind creations. Designed by talented Melissa Ferreira, every distinct garment has its own personality and …

bunting necklace

Bunting Necklace

I believe some of you have already seen this, but I’ve only recently discovered this precious piece and am now head over heels in love with it. Given my recent crush on bunting, it will …

clare owen art

Vintage Bicycle

A vintage bicycle beautifully illustrated by UK-based artist Clare Owen. Drawing the bicycle was one of my early art attempts, which I love to hate. I often would draw the wheels and handle bar, but …

loyale clothing fall 09 collection

Simplicity-Inspired Creativity

Loving the black and white photography, styling and beautiful philosophy of loyale fall 09 collection, which is about simplicity and the personal liberty to create art.

back to basics design inspiration

Back To Basics Design

It seems too soon that 2010 is already here. Some of you may be eager to begin the first week of the new year with creative work, while others (like me) may still be in …