sky goodies party favor paintbox

Sky Goodies Paper Craft Kit

Sky Goodies is a Mumbai, India based paper store by a husband and wife duo of Amit and Misha Gudibanda who creates unique 3-dimensional paper objects inspired by everyday life. Some of the 3D designs include camera, bombay rickshaw, paint box, retro typewriter and television. Not only is it decorative, each eye-catching papercraft also doubles up either as a calendar stand, photo frame, coin bank, stationery caddy or a party favor box.

Rather than offering them ready-made, Sky Goodies is selling these paper products as DIY craft kits with pre-cut printed sheets, where you pop out the templates, glue and assemble everything yourself. You can also purchase a downloadable option and instantly print out the templates/designs on your own card stock supplies. These fun craft kits are perfect for kids and paper hobbyists alike. See the full collection at their Etsy store.

sky goodies paper camera

sky goodies paper typewriter

sky goodies retro tv

sky goodies party favor paintbox

sky goodies retro typewriter

Photos: Sky Goodies