the photo album by frankie magazine

The Photo Album By Frankie Magazine

I’m so happy to share with you a sneak peek of a photo project by Frankie Magazine, a popular Australian magazine for women (and men too) looking for individual artistic content and style.

Frankie has just published its first limited edition photo album, which will be on sale from Oct 14, 2009. It is now available for pre-order here.

the photo album by frankie

the photo album by frankie

The 144-page album features the works of more than 100 amateur and professional photographers from around the world. A pictorial collectible not only meant for shutterbugs but also for anyone who enjoys looking at beautiful pictures.

the photo album by frankie

Shown here are four stunning pictures that you’ll find in the photo album. They are the works of the following photographers (from top to bottom):
Jasmine Rubio | Susannah Conway | Laina Briedis | Katherine Squier

Pre-order it here: (ships internationally)